Liar's Poker Rules

Dice Poker: Liar’s Poker Rules

The game begins once it is decided by lots who is the first player to throw the dice. He or she can either throw the dice into the centre of the table so that all players can see them, or into the cup, so that only that player can see the resulting combination. He can also decide whether to throw the dice one at a time, in a series, or all at once. What he can never do is roll the same dice more than once.

Purpose of Craps Poker

The game is played in different hands, with the loser receiving one point for each hand. And as the players reach the points established before the start of the game, for example 5, they are eliminated. Therefore, the game consists of being the last player who does not reach the pre-established points. In order to eliminate the players, as many hands as necessary will be played.

What is the Jackpot in Roulette?

The jackpot is the sum of the percentages of money that each bet will add to the common pot that a single player will win. It’s easy, isn’t it? The minimum amount or seed is the amount from which this jackpot will increase.

Therefore, jackpot amounts can be very high, especially if there are a lot of people playing at the same time. Of course, chance plays a fundamental role in this game. But that’s the way it is with all games where luck plays a major role in the factors involved. However, you can learn how it works.

How does Jackpot Roulette work?

Jackpot roulette is a casino game. In it, a ball travels around a wheel that has 36 red and black numbers, plus a zero. But how do you win at the game? Simple, you bet on a number and, if the ball lands on it, you get the money you bet multiplied by 36.

Let’s give you an example: if you bet $1 on the number 23 and the ball lands, you get $36. Multiply your bet by $2 and you get $72. And so on up to the amount you want to bet. Because with just $10, if it lands on your number you can win $360. However, it’s not just about betting on the number that gives you the best vibe. You have to learn some strategies.

The Modalities of Roulette

Roulette has several modes that are somewhat different from each other.

French or European Roulette

This game wheel has 37 numbers from 0 to 36. You can bet on the numbers, the colour, the dozen. Odd or even, odd or even, miss and pass. If the ball lands on 0, and you have bet on a number, the bank takes the money. But if you bet on other options, your bet is retained until the next spin or, failing that, you can collect half.

American Roulette

It has two main differences: one is that it consists of 38 numbers because it includes the 00 square, so the chance of the banker winning is higher. If the ball lands in one of these boxes and your bet was simple, for example, red or black, you lose unless the table has said otherwise.

There is an American game wheel that combines the best features of the two above. It has 37 numbers, and you can see how the single bets are on the same side. If the ball lands on zero you only lose 50% of your bet.

Strategies, Tricks, Rules

The rules are simple and we list them for you. You have the following possibilities:

Bet on:

  • colour: you have 18 red and 18 black numbers.
  • odd or even.
  • PASS or FAIL. In this case you bet on two groups of numbers: from 1 to 18 is FAIL, from 19 to 36 is PASS.
  • a section of a dozen, which can be first from 1 to 12; second from 13 to 24; third from 25 to 36.
  • a column: you must choose a column in which you expect the winning number to fall. The table is divided into three columns of 12 numbers each. Here the prize is 2×1.

The two-dozen bet is a single bet for two dozens. The prize is 0.5×1. The two-column bet is identical to the two-dozen bet.

The six-of-a-dozen bet is where you bet on 6 numbers in a single bet. The six must be in adjacent columns.

The square bet is that you bet on 4 numbers that are forming a square on the table. The payoff is 8×1.

Cross bet is betting on 3 numbers in a single bet. You bet on 0, 1 and 2; the cross bet would be 0, 2, 3. The prize is 11×1.

The horse bet is betting on two adjacent numbers on the table. The prize is 17×1.

The full house is betting on a single number and winning! The prize is 35×1.

Learn these concepts to play any roulette wheel. Combine them and learn which bet you are more interested in depending on each game.

The Progressive Jackpot

It is the jackpot that grows bigger and bigger and accumulates money until one player wins it all. Every time a bet is played, a small percentage goes into the jackpot and, therefore, a prize is generated that can reach millions. The games that offer them are poker, roulette and slots. However, blackjack does not.

Casino Bonuses

Interestingly, new casinos offer casino bonuses with discounts or free money to start with. If you combine the casino bonus with waiting for the progressive jackpot to increase sufficiently, you will get bigger prizes.

The Best Casinos With Progressive Jackpots

A short list of the 4 most interesting ones:

  • 888 Casino offers you: $20 No Deposit + $500. X3 Bonuses 100% and 50%.
  • Betfair offers you: $300 and 300% Bonus.
  • Bet365 offers you: $100 and 100% Bonus. For new customers up to $100 bet.

Now that you know what the jackpot is, you can get started with roulette and see how far you can go. May your luck be with you!

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