Social distance for live casinos

Social distance for live casinos can become a new stage of development: adaptation of companies

Land-based casinos are experiencing the lifting of restrictive measures following the COVID-19 pandemic, which is much more difficult than a period of isolation and business closure. In gambling, for which contact and live communication is important, it will be necessary to integrate the idea of ​​social distance and restrictions on contacts between players. 

Thus, gambling operators of leading gambling establishments, including the world-famous PlayAmo Casino CA, may be more zealous about the transition to the live casino format. Experts say that existing live casinos run the risk of being faceless and losing their customers. 

How operators cope with this – read the material.

Relevant for the terrestrial and Internet segment: social distance and precautions

The general level of anxiety and fear for their own health forces people to stay at home and operators are forced to rebuild trust in a pair of client casinos. The health of visitors and employees depends on compliance with sanitary standards, and the latter directly affects the profitability of the business and the ability to stay in line during a crisis.

At the SBC Digital Summit, special attention was paid to the responsible implementation of security measures in the field of gambling and the shift in priorities to the health of consumers of services. In addition to regular physical disinfection, creating conditions for an acceptable distance between tables and players, and monitoring temperature conditions, the information policy of companies is now of great importance. 

Will live casinos withstand social distance?

Not all forecasts are pessimistic. Operators use creative approaches to create a high-quality version of a health-friendly game. Providers increase their audience reach by completely transferring live casino games to their official websites and smartphone applications. Others took advantage of the forced shutdown to create products for customers with new business partners.

The topic was discussed at the May SBC Digital Summit “Live casino during self-isolation”. Owner of Basic Strategy, a consulting service for gambling providers, Caroline Pelle talked about the entrepreneurial spirit and energizing power of Asian companies that provide live casino services. Operators are actively looking for international partners, concluding deals on the introduction of new services and adapting them to quarantine conditions. Now the Asian casino is divided into 2 camps:

  • those who devote all their efforts to bringing their clubs in Europe in line with sanitary standards: they transport additional tables from closed studios, expand the areas of the halls, provide increased control over hygiene and the condition of visitors;
  • those who implement innovative contactless technologies that reduce the number of employees and minimize the possibility of transmitting the virus from a live casino worker to a client.

Live casino trends are driven by the pandemic

The simplest and most proven system for filling the void after the difficulties encountered by casinos with live dealers is a random number generator. Thus, the operators provide the client with a gambling sensation and the completeness of the game in the conditions of the hall, while removing the link of the possible spread of infection among the staff. It also minimizes employee wage costs, opportunities for fraud or human error in handing out.

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