best football slots at Casino

The Champions League is decided! The best football slots at Casino

It’s a big Champions League week with the final between PSG and Bayern Munich, but what slots can you spend your time with until Sunday?

Everyone is talking about the Champions League and for good reason. This Sunday the final will be played in Lisbon with two teams that have done everything right, PSG and Bayern Munich. 

Football Favourites

This game has five columns and 20 different winning options, where you can win by matching symbols related to the beautiful game, such as yellow cards, referee’s whistles, boots or jerseys of your favourite team. Plus, if you trigger six symbols in the box at the same time, you can play a bonus game that gives you the option to multiply your winnings. Are you ready?


A different kind of slot, true to the style of the famous ‘Memory’ game, where you have to find the pairs that the footballs tell you to. Depending on the number of midfielders, forwards, defenders or goalkeepers you have, your winnings will be multiplied or not. A very easy to understand game that will make you have a good time.

Football 3×3

Based on the Russia 2018 World Cup, this slot is set in all things football. Balls, trophies and even the jerseys of the countries that qualified for the last World Cup make your experience all about football. Plus, it’s special because it allows you to play nine games at the same time, giving you more chances to win. Why not give it a try?

Football Star

This game has five columns and 243 different ways to win. As for the setting, it’s not much different from the rest, as it has characters from the sport such as referees, midfielders or goalkeepers, which combined will allow you to generate free spins or multiply your money. The amazing thing about this slot is that every time you have a winning spin, the symbols vanish, making new ones appear and giving you more chances to win. Have you tried it?

Football Champions Cup

In this game you have to defend the colours of the country of your choice. The special thing about this slot is the appearance of new screens if you complete three trophy symbols in columns 2, 3 and 4 – in this case it will take you to a ‘free spins’ tournament where you will simulate the keys to a football tournament – or if three bonuses appear, which will allow you to play a penalty shoot-out against the PC. This makes it more dynamic and entertaining to pass the time, with 20 different options to win.

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