Gambling and coronavirus: Рow online casinos have changed in a pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the world. There are no spheres of human activity that have not undergone changes. Of course, this especially affected the sphere of entertainment and gambling.

Even before the pandemic, it was one of the fastest-growing segments of online entertainment. During the pandemic, it just exploded when people rushed to popular online casinos, among which PlayAmo stood out among the flagships, creating accounts for themselves and puzzling over PlayAmo Casino Canada Login, trying to find something in the rich library of games that could help live through the endless lockdown.

There was also an economic motive, as many faced layoffs and wage cuts. Online gambling offered an easy way to increase their income.

Sports betting

Sports betting took a hit when the pandemic forced many sports organizations to cancel their competitions. Football leagues, the most popular among players, have suspended all events around the world. Some of the most popular, such as Italians, Spanish and British, were among the first to blackout, setting an example for everyone else. However, some countries have stubbornly refused to follow their example and continued to compete.

New players

The lockdown has forced millions of people to spend much more time in their homes than they were used to. Hungry for entertainment, they turned to the Internet. A significant percentage of them decided to try online gambling for the first time, which led to a massive influx of new players to online casinos and other gaming platforms.

Players from a country where gambling is illegal to have also been part of this increase. 

Restricted by the laws of their countries, they were forced to use other methods of accessing online casinos, for example, a VPN. With the advent of technology these days, even the Great Firewall of China is not a big obstacle. Deliberately or through negligence, gamblers manage to evade measures aimed at limiting their access to the online gambling platform.

The rise of mobile devices

Mobile gambling has been the preferred method of accessing gambling platforms since before the Covid-19 pandemic. The disease simply rekindled it, with the result that over 70% of all online gambling revenues come from mobile devices. The main reason is the ease of access that mobile devices offer to users. However, there are other reasons as well. The most cited of these is the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and its implementation in gaming applications.

The developers have worked hard to create the next generation of AI that would analyze the behavior of its users and create a more personalized experience, adapted for each person. Immersion has also been one of the developers’ priorities using virtual and augmented reality features. They also use mobile devices as a testing ground for new games, giving players free access and tracking the popularity of new games before they are released to the general public.

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