Lucky Lady Charm Deluxe

Online casino: the most played slots by customers

Have you ever wondered which are the most popular games in our casino? These are the favourites for our customers.

There are so many options at our online casino that it is often difficult to choose just one if you ask each individual customer. However, according to the statistics provided by our specialists, it is possible to draw a conclusion as to which games are the most popular with casino users.

That said, the most played slot is the one everyone is talking about: Mega Moolah Who hasn’t spent some time having fun with the jungle animals in this famous game? There’s no doubt that everyone who likes casino games has tried this one and it hasn’t let them down, as it even has a progressive jackpot that can be hit at any time.

Mega Moolah, an attractive and easy to play slot, by Manuela Camacho

Manuela Camacho has fun playing at the online casino and brings you her review of one of the most acclaimed games by our customers: Mega Moolah.

Having fun at the online casino? Our variety of slots allows you to find the one that’s right for you, but there’s one that catches everyone’s eye and it’s none other than Mega Moolah. “It’s a visually appealing game and very easy to understand, so it will allow you to have fun for a while and kill your free time,” said Manuela Camacho.

“The zoo theme and the typography used makes the visibility entertaining and engages you more with the game,” she added. In addition, “you have the possibility of encountering random prizes such as jackpots or free spins where everything is a win. You don’t lose,” he continued.

As for the gameplay, Manuela highlights the possibility of learning as you play. “Time goes by and you learn the value of each symbol to get more excitement and find different motivations when it comes to spinning. The truth is that I ended up very happy because I won”, she concluded.

Remember that you can find Mega Moolah in our casino section and have fun for as long as you want. You will find thousands of different winning options and it will make your time at home more entertaining, with more excitement and greater chances of winning.

Another of our customers’ favourite games is Starburst 

Despite not having a jackpot, this slot is characterised by its simplicity and eye-catching graphics which are always a must for grabbing people’s attention. It also has 10 different winning options.

Lucky Lady Charm Deluxe

Then there is Lucky Lady Charm Deluxe, another one of those games that are simple and fun for most people. This slot, just like the one mentioned above, has 10 different winning options and has an RTP of 95.13%.

Finally, we find Book of Ra Deluxe, a slot that is characterised by its graphics and different screens where you can find different winning options. It also has no jackpot, 10 winning options and an RTP of 95.1%.

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